SynergyO2Sport is certified by the Ministry of Health in the category of food supplements.
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It’s time to get the results you’ve always wanted

Are you ready to reach your ideal weight? With your inner coach SynergyO2 Sport you can achieve that and much more. 
SynergyO2 Sport is a unique formula which can help you detox your body, increase your energy levels and lose weight. SynergyO2 Sport provides your body with the essential nutrients needed to work at an optimum level. Also, it nourishes your cells and eliminates all sort of toxins from your body. Works wonders on people suffering from hangover symptoms.



We know your life is full of activities, SynergyO2 Sport can help you turn your routine into something more dynamic. Thanks to the oxygen and electrolytes in it. When you take it, you will notice an energy boost present throughout the day. 
Stop postponing activities because you’re feeling tired. With SynergyO2 Sport you will forget what being tired feels like and you’ll be able to give the best of you in all of your activities. If you include it in your daily routine and well balanced diet, SynergyO2 Sport recharges your energy in a natural way.

Weight loss

It’s frustrating when you want to lose weight but you just can’t, isn’t? SynergyO2 Sport, your inner coach, can help you reach your ideal weight. If you lead a healthy life, workout and also include SynergyO2 Sport in your diet, your body will start to notice the difference. 
Take it on a daily basis and notice how your body gets used to the nutrients SynergyO2 Sport offers. Thanks to its formula reinforced with L-carnitine , it is easier to lose weight, because L-carnitine is an aminoacid considered to be a potent fat burner.

Detox process

Your body deserves to be free from detrimental substances. In this very moment is highly likely that you’re saturated with toxic substances, but don’t worry, SynergyO2 Sport knows how what to do about it. 
The combination of its nutrients make SynergyO2 Sport able to dislodge harmful substances from your organism. In this way, your body only keeps substances that are really needed. Having a toxic-free body, makes you look and feel much better.

This product is not a medicine and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Business opportunity

According to several studies carried out, the nutritional supplements’ market is constantly growing. In America, It is considered to be one with the most growth potential. There have been sales record of up to 2,490 millions of dollars and this figure keeps on growing. SynergyO2 Sport gives you the opportunity to start your own mini franchise and also offers you all the necessary tools required for you to be successful in this big market.
SynergyO2 Sport offers an attractive compensation plan destined to help you reach financial freedom and the experience of being a leader in this modern business model.
Be part of our community and get more benefits. When you become a member you will be part of a new lifestyle focused on improving the finances and health of those around you. It’s very simple to join and you can receive commissions of up to 25%.


SynergyO2 Sport is a great alternative for all those who haven’t gotten any results from taking other nutritional supplements. When you purchase SynergyO2 Sport, you’re not wasting any money, you’re gaining more energy, losing weight and detoxifying your body.
We know that once you start noticing the results in your body you’ll be very satisfied with your purchase. There’s nothing better than this investment, we want you to join a community of people who have already started to feel improvements in their body and life.

When you become a preferred customer you will receive a 10% discount in all future purchases. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, make this happen with SynergyO2 Sport.







“Thanks to SynergyO2 Sport I now can walk without problem to my daughter’s place. I feel with more energy and vitality”.
Laura , Parra, Irivine, CA, USA.

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Is SynergyO2 Sport a medicine?

Is SynergyO2 Sport a medicine?

No, it is a natural dietary supplement without any side effects.SynergyO2 Sport is not a medicine, and SynergyO2 Sport makes no medical claims or otherwise for thetreatment, prevention, cure or mitigation of disease. SynergyO2 Sport is a nutritional supplement, it works with the body’s priorities and starts working where it ismost needed. Therefore, because everyone is unique, we cannot prove that SynergyO2 Sport causes anyspecific effect. We can, however, tell people about others’ experiences; and there are several testimonials.We, therefore, never make any medical claims, so that we are not in violation of the present regulations of the Medicine Control Council.

What vitamins and minerals offers SynergyO2 Sport?

What vitamins and minerals offers SynergyO2 Sport?

SynergyO2 Sport contains all the substances you need in order to boost your energy, detox your body and lose weight. This substances are: Oxygen
Amino acids

What is the shelf life of SynergyO2 Sport?

What is the shelf life of SynergyO2 Sport?

By FDA Law we must provide a “best if used by date”. When you buy the product you need to take it over a 3-year period. However, SynergyO2 Sport’s technology remains the same, you can still enjoy all of itsbenefits even if you take it before the date stated on the bottle.

Is there a healing crisis when you take SynergyO2 Sport?

Is there a healing crisis when you take SynergyO2 Sport?

Yes, there is one. During the healing crisis, you can feel even worse than before you started your detox program. The good news is that this reaction is likely a sign that you’re getting better by way of a deep and thorough cleansing. When you cleanse your body, the toxins dislodge and the bacteria die off and release endotoxins. When the toxins and waste are dislodged, the body begins to flush them into the bloodstream to be filtered and eliminated.
Because SynergyO2 Sport works in a natural way at normalizing and balancing the body, we must encourage users to continue taking SynergyO2 Sport, and become more “tuned in” to the less noticeable but more significant changes in their bodies..

How do I take SynergyO2 Sport?

How do I take SynergyO2 Sport?

You should take it 30-40 min before starting your daily routine. If you’re trying to lose weight, take it 30 min before each meal. The recommended dose is 3 to 8 drops diluted with 16oz of water.

Besides losing weight, boosting your energy and detoxifying your body, what else can SynergyO2 Sport do for me?

Besides losing weight, boosting your energy and detoxifying your body, what else can SynergyO2 Sport do for me?

Besides the benefits already mentioned SynergyO2 Sport may also help you to:
  • Improve your physical performance
  • Reinforce your immune system
  • Provide your cells with the right amount of oxygen
  • Reduce hangover symptoms
  • Reduce headaches.